Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Are you looking to achieve that “WOW” from your next flooring project, give metal illusions flooring a try!  Metal illusions flooring is  thin-mil epoxy coating combined with metallic powder and super stain pigment can create countless different patterns.  These amazing floors are perfect for your basement because they are waterproof and won’t need to be replaced in the event of flooding.

Metal Illusion floors are extremely easy to clean, very durable plus they have a mid-century modern feel to them.  These types of flooring are perfect for residential and commercial concrete floors, and are very low maintenance.

First we will clean and grind the surface of the concrete to make sure we have a proper bond, and then we will repair all the pits and cracks.  Once all that is finished we will apply a base coat of epoxy on the entire floor which acts as a primer and will fill in any tiny imperfections.  Our base coat is normally tinted black so it provides a perfect colored canvas for the metallic epoxy coat.  When the primer is completely dry the metallic epoxy is applied to the entire floor, once the floor has dried to a very hard state the UV resistant top coat is rolled on.

Blue Metallic Epoxy Flooring Light Blue Metallic Illusion Flooring Metallic illusion flooring Illusion Flooring Metallic Epoxy Flooring

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