Epoxy Garage Flooring

You will enjoy out industrial grade epoxies on your garage floor.  We use an industrial grade epoxy which is top coated with a very hard chemical and a UV resistant urethane.  We are able to customize your project to any base color and decorative chip combination that you would like.

To begin the process we will clean and grind the surface of the floor to make sure we have a proper bond, at that time the cracks and pits will be fixed too.  A base coat of epoxy will be put down next which acts as a primer to fill in any small imperfections on the floor.  The color/chip coat is next; we spread the colored epoxy over the entire floor.  While spreading the epoxy, we wear spiked shoes and also spread decorative color chips onto the we epoxy.  When this layer is completely dried the floor is scraped, swept and sealed with another clear layer of epoxy.  The final layer is an application of a very hard chemical and UV resistant urethane.

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