Concete Overlays

Our concrete overlay system creates a beautiful looking floor that is very durable and easy to clean.  The concrete overlay system is great for interior use because it is waterproof and will not require being replaced in the event of a flood.  This is also perfect to beautify any unsightly exterior concrete surfaces you may have.

We use a polymer modified cement product to resurface unattractive existing concrete.  This application works great for both interior and exterior concrete.  We start by cleaning and grinding the concrete to ensure we have a proper bond.  All the cracks and pits are repaired and a base coat of concrete overlay is toweled over the entire floor.  A reinforced fiber tape is laid out by hand to create the grout line design.  Once all of that is completed the last coat of concrete overlay is toweled over the entire floor, including the tape.  When the floor is totally dry we remove the tape, apply the color and seal it.

With this process it allows us to create the look of tile, pavers,flagstone, planks, and practically any other grout line pattern of design.  Since each job is stained by hand, it has its own uniqueness to it and color combinations are limitless.  Stop in with your ideas and we look forward to putting them on sample boards before we ever do the floor so you can see how amazing it looks!

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